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Size Small: Grey and Pink Striped Reworked Sweatshirt- Embroidered 'Bookish'

Size Small: Grey and Pink Striped Reworked Sweatshirt- Embroidered 'Bookish'

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-Pre-loved and Re-worked Grey and Pink Striped Sweatshirt with 'Bookish' Bold Rainbow Design 





(of a person or way of life) devoted to reading and studying.

"a bookish, untidy person"


Size Women's Small

Chest Measures: 20 inches

Length: 27 inches

Sleeves: 15 inches 


A perfect literary sweatshirt that can be worn ANYTIME!


The Enough Already mantra is 'Secondhand not Brands'. We deliberately do not publicise where the garment came from, we would rather shout about how cool this pre-loved item is! Enough with labels already.


Also, when we forage for all of these clothes, we only choose items that are good quality/condition. However, we must remind you that these clothes are not 'new' and may have a worn 'charm' to them. 


Each item has been washed, ironed and steamed before being sent on its way to you (in recyclable packaging). By purchasing this tee, you've just added one more nail in the coffin of fast fashion! And the earth will thank you! 


The quote was carefully chosen by ourselves and embroidered using our trusty 'Brother'. 

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