Personalised Portraits on Denim Jackets

Personalised Portraits on Denim Jackets

Exciting times at Enough Already HQ...

We now offer personalised denim jackets with handmade applique lettering and ... an embroidered picture of your choosing. As always, we will be using pre-loved denim jackets, with vintage fabric and sending them to you in recyclable packaging. We will always choose the sustainable option even if it is sometimes the harder option. From the photos, you can see that we have gone down the wedding/bridal route, but if you have another idea, please send it our way and we will make it for you!

Creating your jacket:

  1. Choose the jacket you would like to personalise. We have a number of jackets to choose from (sizes 8-32) and we will be adding to them regularly, so keep checking back to find your perfect fit. Also, if you have a colour/style/size in mind then email us and we will go on the hunt for you!
  2. Now you can choose the material for your applique letters. You will need to choose two (one for the main lettering and another for the small space between letters). Again, if you're not loving the material on offer, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes!
  3. There is currently a 21 character limit on your wording but we can use a smaller font which will allow you more words if you would like.
  4. Choosing an embroidery thread. This is your jacket, all the choices are in your hands, so you choose the colour of the thread too. We have every colour under the sun and we can find more so choose your fave!
  5. Now that you have ordered your jacket, please send us an email along with your name and order number and the picture you would like embroidered. The higher quality the photo the better the embroidery detail.
  6. Now you've made all the choices, it's time for us to do the sewing. But before we do any stitching, we will send over photos of the portrait and the placing of the applique on the jacket. Let us know if you would like to change anything.

And there you have it. A completely personalised pre-loved denim jacket. With a hand-drawn portrait on it. What more could you want?!

Yes, the pictures show a lot of bridal ideas, but we want to stress that you can have anything written on the back and absolutely anything drawn on the back too!

We love coming up with new ideas and we are always surprised that you lovely lot want to come on this journey with us too!

Thank you so much, we hope you love this new venture of ours.

Peace out,

Emily and Tracey

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