My Top 5 Favourite Words

My Top 5 Favourite Words

'Words - A beaming lamp to ideas feet' Samuel Alfred Beadle

Emily Speaking Today...

Words: Big, small, elaborate, simple, flowery, to the point. I love them all. I love that you can put particular words together in a certain order and they can mean so much to the person reading them. How wonderfully bizarre. I love poetry, I love short stories, I love long stories, I love fiction, I love learning about someone's very real and raw personal history. If it's written down, spoken, or bound, I will cherish it.

Now, some will say that I have overused the word 'love' in this blog already... But I say... NEVER! I mean it. Every word. And, seeing as we're on the topic of words, I am going to share with you my top five favorite words. You lucky lucky readers. So here we goooooo:

1. Obstinate

'unreasonable determined, especially to act in a particular way and not to change at all, despite what anyone else says'

I must admit that Jane Austen reminded me of how glorious this word is. She used the phrase 'obstinate headstrong girl' in her beloved novel Pride and Prejudice. I can't get over how the definition is so close to myself. Some may see this word as negative but forever more I will wear this definition as a badge of honour! Obstinate for life!

2. Solitude

'the situation of being alone, often by choice'

I am a solitary creature. Never lonely, but a big fan of my own company at times. I often connect the act of solitude with being outside and for me, it's not a negative but a chance to recharge, refresh, and be a bit more prepared to take on the world.

3. Melancholy

'a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause'

I have loved this word for years. As a moody teenager, I would often lament about my melancholia. Pretentious much Emily? But this world carries so much. It's enjoyable to utter and mysterious in its nature. You don't have to reveal what you are sad about, you can just let people know and they can forever wonder what you were melancholy about.

4. Discombobulate

'to confuse someone or make someone feel uncomfortable'

I remember hearing this word for the first time as a child and thinking 'no way is that a real word, it's absurd!' But alas, I was wrong and it is indeed a word! How wonderful! However, I don't love the suggestion that you can make someone feel uncomfortable, I just think it's a fun word to say, so let's leave it at that!

5. Aghast

'filled with horror or shock'

A gasp of a word. So short and to the point and yet overflowing with meaning and emotion. How could you not like this word? I'm coming across as slightly gothic and emo in this post. I swear my disposition is usually more cheerful! I just think that this word immediately adds drama to any old sentence. Let's use it more often, shall we!

But there you have it. Five glorious words to add to your vocabulary in the coming weeks.

Over and Out.

Emily x

*lookout next week for this glorious jumper!

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