How to Practice Confelicity in Your Everyday Life

How to Practice Confelicity in Your Everyday Life

confelicity (Latin con- with + felicitas happiness)

Watching the kids open their Christmas presents filled me with confelicity.

What is Confelicity?

"Confelicity is a word that means delight in another's happiness or good fortune. It is the opposite of schadenfreude, which is the pleasure derived from another's misfortune."

Oh how I love this word, it is truly humble and joyous and just everything that I want to be. This world is often full of competition, comparison, and general misery... so let's make a pact to combat this and practice more confelicty.

Why is it important?

Confelicity is an emotional state that promotes positivity, this in time, can help to strengthen relationships and build community. It can also lead to increased happiness and well-being. Together, we can create a more happy, healthy, and more fulfilling world for ourselves and others. I think when we consistently think well and want well for others, it reflects back on us, which in my experience has improved my mental and physical health. It also reduces stress because I no longer spend all of my time cursing others and wishing ill upon those around me, this frees up so much brain power! I think changing our mindset also gives us a greater sense of purpose, it allows us to focus on our own abilities and genuinely celebrate the successes of those around us without pretense or expectation of reciprocation. It truly is the best.

How can we practice confelicity in our own lives?

There are many ways to practice confelicity. One way is to simply be happy for others when they succeed. And sometimes you truly have to fake it till you make it. Yes, you may not feel like congratulating your friend's good grades when you failed, but you have to start where you are and work your way up. Practice makes perfect, and the journey to real confelicity is no different. Another way is to offer genuine support and encouragement to those who are struggling, empathy is another treasure very much lacking in society sometimes. You can also practice confelicity by spending time with positive people and focusing on the good in others. Surround yourself with good people who make you feel good things. Positive people will make you feel more positive, so curate your friendship circle just like you would your library of books!

I hope I haven't bored you! But this wonderful word and concept are too lovely not to share with the world! I hope that you can feel confelicitous this week or at least try to practice it in your everyday life.

Speak soon friends xx

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