‘Dear old world, you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you’      Anne of Green Gables

‘Dear old world, you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you’ Anne of Green Gables

Tracey Speaking:

So it’s official, Summer is over and Autumn is upon us. Normally I’d be quite excited about this prospect, having had many months of long summer days, holidays, barbecues, days at the beach and picnics. But this year it just feels like summer has passed us by without me fully taking part in it. And I’m worried Winter may feel extra long without it. And obviously, as we don’t quite know what this Winter will hold, it all feels a bit scary!

But that being said, there’s something undeniably special about this time of year. The thought of battening down the hatches, well at the very least closing the curtains certainly has its appeal. Perhaps following nature and bedding down for a bit. After the long days of Summer, when you’re expected to squeeze so much more into those excess daylight hours, it begins to feel a treat to slip into those pjs just after work and snuggle down for the night. Chilly nights are made for movies, hot chocolate and super soft blankets. 

As far as beauty goes, is there any season that can compare to Autumn? I hope we get to visit some of the spectacular forests and arboretums around us. As they put on a display unlike any other of gold, russet and orange showing the world that it’s time to rest, lay down this year's leaves in order to nourish next Spring's growth.

I must admit it’s also exciting at this time of year to think of the season ahead and purchase a few additions for the wardrobe. Many a happy hour can be spent browsing charity shops or some of the second hand online stores for that new winter jumper or coat. I’m a bit of an organiser, so I also get a bit of a kick clearing out the summer clothes before purchasing the new.

Here at Enough Already we’re loving the change in season. Picking out our favourite Autumn quotes from the likes of Wordsworth, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Oscar Wilde. And if you’re looking to get excited about October, Anne of  Green Gables is right there with you. Here are a  couple of our absolute favourites which we can’t wait to start sewing:

‘Rest and be thankful’ William Wordsworth 

‘Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree’ Emily Brontë

‘There is a harmony in Autumn, and a luster in its sky’ Percy Byshhe Shelley

And choosing warm jumpers, snuggly hoodies, and the irreplaceable denim jacket has made us excited about our latest collection, and really look forward to frosty mornings and chilly nights.

So bring it on Autumn, we’re ready for you! 

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