10 Tips To Get The Most Out of Vinted

10 Tips To Get The Most Out of Vinted

Vinted is a popular online marketplace for second-hand clothes. It's a great place to find unique items at a fraction of the price of new clothes. In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to shop on Vinted for the best deals.

1. Be Specific

One of the best ways to find what you're looking for on Vinted is to search for specific items. You can use the search bar to enter keywords or phrases, or you can browse the categories to see what's available. Use the filters, they are your friends! You can also save a search. For example, if you are looking for a specific dress from Marks and Spencer, try to describe it the best you can add your size at the end, save the search and wait patiently. You may feel hopeless at times, but your patience will pay off (most of the time)!

2. Read reviews

Before you buy anything on Vinted, be sure to read the reviews. This will give you a good idea of what other buyers have thought of the item and the seller. You can also check if the seller has been active recently, if you click on the item you like and press ask seller' just below their location it will give you an estimate of when they were last online. There is nothing more annoying than purchasing the perfect item only for the seller never to send it! It is truly heartbreaking.

3. Make an offer

If you see an item you like, but it's not the right price, don't be afraid to make an offer. Sellers are often willing to negotiate on price. But don't be a silly billy, if the price is already decent, then don't be too cheeky asking for it to be 50p! Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of the item page you can see how long the item has been listed. The longer the item has been on the site, the more likely the seller will give it to you a little cheaper.

4. Ask questions

If you have any questions about an item, be sure to ask the seller. This will help you make sure you're getting what you want. Also, if the item is a little pricey, don't be afraid to ask the seller for measurements. That way you can have a bit more information before it arrives. Have your measurements saved on your phone so you can be ready to click buy when the right time comes!

5. Read the shipping policy and buyer protection rules

Before you buy anything on Vinted, be sure to read the shipping policy. This will tell you how much shipping costs and how long it will take to arrive. Each purchase also has a mandatory buyer protection fee that is just a percentage of the cost price. Don't be surprised when the price increases at checkout!

6. Be patient and plan ahead

Shopping on Vinted can take some patience. It may take some time to find the perfect item at the perfect price. But if you're patient, you'll eventually find what you're looking for. One more thing on that, if you know you have a big event coming up don't wait until that week to buy something on Vinted. The buyers and shipping providers can be hit or miss, so don't be too reliant on them. Give yourself a few weeks (or dare I say it months) to find the preloved item of choice and give yourself time to find another if it is not love at first sight. (ps. if the item doesn't fit you, it's not the seller's fault, it's down to luck sometimes, but pick yourself up, sell it on, and try again friend!)

7. Make Bundles

To get the best deal, make the most of bundles. If you find a seller that is a similar size to you and has the same style save their shop because this combo is rare and lovely! Many sellers often bundle discounts too, so click on all the items you like and then ask the seller for a combined postage price. Soooo much cheaper!

8. Sort by price

You can sort your search results by price. This is a great way to find the best deals. You can also sort by condition. From 'new with tags' to 'satisfactory' there really is something for everyone.

9. Use the chat feature

If you have any questions about an item, you can use the chat feature to contact the seller. This is a great way to get more information about the item and to negotiate on price. But remember, Vinted isn't (hushed tones) Amazon, and the seller doesn't have to reply within seconds, so be kind!

10. Be a good buyer

When you buy something on Vinted, be a good buyer. Pay for your items promptly and leave positive feedback for the seller. This will help you build a good reputation on Vinted and make it easier to find great deals in the future. Also, speaking as a seller, if you create a bundle and ask for a postage price, please buy it or message to say it's not quite right. That goes for asking sellers to reserve items too, be sure you actually want them. So many times you can reserve an item for 5 days and ... tumbleweed... The universe and the thrifting gods will thank you for your efforts.

As you can probably tell we adore using Vinted (ahem, Vinted you can sponsor us if you are reading this). Shopping on Vinted can be a great way to find unique items at a fraction of the price of new clothes. By following these tips, you can shop on Vinted for the best deals, and who doesn't love that?!

Peace out,

Emily and Tracey xx

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